4 Key Ingredients for the Best Web Design Experience

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The web designer/client relationship will be most successful if collaboration is at the top of the priority list. Enhance your collaboration efforts using the information below.


A recurring theme in the web design arena is audience. Audience, audience, audience! Who is your audience? What are their demographics? What are their needs? Understanding your audience will better help you and your web designer to make decisions about the design, usability, and interface of your website.


What is any relationship without trust? Believe it or not, trust between you and your web designer is at the core of a successful relationship and website. Give your web designer the opportunity to learn your business inside and out. This will enable them to make the best decisions for your design and keep consistency throughout.

In addition, you, as a client, must be able to feel comfortable in being open and honest with your web designer. And of course, trust doesn’t exist without open communication. Meetings should be held weekly to keep all parties up to date on tasks and deadlines. In addition to those weekly meetings, correspondence between client and web designer should occur between those weekly meetings. Having an open, honest environment will help all parties feel more at ease and comfortable in communicating with each other for the ultimate website design.


Goals will be hard to meet if 1, they are not expressed, and 2, they are not agreed upon. Goals should be outlined and discussed in the preliminary design meetings. This will help limit any surprises in the future. Also, keep in mind that over the course of the design creation, conversations will arise and goals will adjust and shift. This will only make your website better.


Mapping your initial design and ideas will help foster a collaborative relationship. Giving both parties an opportunity to discuss their vision and any changes they see fit. This gives the perfect opportunity for open dialogue leading you and your designer on the road to a successful outcome and enjoyable experience.

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