4 Steps to Lead Your Website to Successful Optimization

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When building a website, one of the most important things we do at NFINITY Web Solutions is look at optimization. A website without optimization is a website without purpose.

Outside of trying to turn visitors into customers, and customers into repeat customers, what else would you use a website for? Websites raise awareness, build interest, and convince people to take action. Should you lack a website that is of the optimal standard, though, it can become a bit of a problem.

Follow the steps below to optimize your website’s performance.

1. Analyze the Opposition
Before you know what is going right, you need to know what you are doing wrong. To start off, take some time to research critical keywords which are popular, competitive, and affordable for your marketing. Then, take a look at the search engine ranking of your main competition; how close can you get to them if you were to begin now? Look at your own site, too. Look at everything from the use of meta tags and keywords to the visibility on-site. Compare how your site looks versus your competition.

2. Create an Optimization Strategy
Now that you know what your competition is doing well, you need to analyze alongside this information. Start off by identifying the main target keywords and phrases. Don’t forget to look at misspelled keywords; they often get a high search volume, too, so don’t disregard them even if they’re spelled wrong.

3. Develop Each Page
Now you need to work out the key factors on each page. For example, take a look at your on-page titles and meta tags. Are they using keywords? Are they clear and accurate with regards to the on-page content? We recommend that you look to get at least 800 words per page, too. While anything above 300 is going to be indexed by search engines, the more content you have on-page, the better.

4. Prepare for Testing
The last step is to test everything. Not every change you make will be a success. Therefore, you need to be able to test things over a period of a week or so with regular maintenance and adjustments depending on what your analysis and feedback is telling you. Don’t neglect to come back and continue your optimization; you need to keep going to make sure that your previous changes were successful.

With all of this in mind, you should find it very easy to make the right calls with regards to the next steps for your business. If you optimize your site following the steps above, then you should find it easy to get things moving forward positively.

Don’t neglect the importance of an optimized website. Done right, a well-optimized website can deliver a much more comprehensive and telling level of results. It’s well worth your time and investment, so don’t hold back from investing in optimizing the running of your website for the best results.

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