4 Tips to Make a Winning Video Campaign on Facebook

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Today, social media campaigning is among your most powerful marketing tools around. More importantly, though, is Facebook marketing.

Among the most useful forms of marketing in the world, it’s a hugely lucrative solution – if done right. Naturally, though, people see so much text and messages on Facebook that you sometimes need more than words to get spotted.

This is why having a quality video campaign is so important. If you would like to make the right call on how to properly promote your business, then, here is a simple selection of tips that you can use to make a winning campaign on Facebook.

  •         Short and Swift.

Attention spans are short and people don’t really want to sit and watch a documentary on their lunch break via Facebook. Leave the long-view videos for another platform. With a video of around 15-30 seconds, you can make the point that you need without any precious time being wasted or opportunities being spurned. Consider your audience, too; the right approach to creating social media videos that hit the spot in terms of their target market is to always make sure that it is built around simplicity in the message, never needing more than a few seconds to ‘get it.’

  •         Be Responsive.

Many people make the mistake of creating social media content forgetting that most people aren’t using 4K TVs to view the stuff. So, all of those tiny little images and Easter eggs within the video that you need a top quality TV to see? Most people miss that on their smartphones. Design your video for mobile and the big screen TV users can get a quality viewing experience without making those on lesser TVs and mobiles miss out on the ‘point’ of the video.

  •         Move Fast.

When a topic begins to hit the news, you need to get into the cutting room and get making that new video. If you are not fast, you are last. Make sure you go to all the lengths that you possibly can to make sure that the content is relevant. Things move so fast in the online world that making a promo video with a nod and a wink to last week’s meme might fly over the head of your target audience. Keep that in mind; it could ruin the appeal of your video if’s even slightly out of date.

  •         Keep it Real.

A lot of business social media use is polished more than a cowboy’s boots. Don’t force yourself to edit and sanitize the video to the nth degree; take the time needed to make it look good, yes, but a bit of polish missing adds sincerity and authenticity to the image. By using native design tools, for example, you can remove that faux-big business feel and make your business feel a little more realistic. Make your marketing content closer to what your business stands for and represents; if that lacks polish? So be it.

For any more help or information that you might need, you should visit Nfinity Web Solutions. We can help you to build a more cohesive and enjoyable online platform; one that is going to really make your social media use far more savvy and impressive in terms of effect and output.


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