5 Costly Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Web design mistakes are easy to make yet costly to your business. Avoid these five common web design mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to designing a successful website!

1. Fail to Plan

It’s a common mistake that can leave you with a huge bill to foot. We recommend you invest in a high-quality plan before taking the first step to designing your website. Do your research about key factors like your target audience and what type of content will interest them. In addition, it’s critical to analyze your top competitors and determine what works for them and what their audience loves about them.

2. Contact Crisis

Make sure you have sufficient channels for your customers to contact you! This is a common problem and often makes it hard for you to convert leads into customers. Leave a clear Contact Us page that details all the information needed to contact you. The ability to contact you should be effortless in the eyes of your potential customers; this will help you turn leads into paying, returning customers.

3. Content, content, content!

One of the big kickers these days that absolutely cannot be missed is CONTENT! Content is key! You hear it over and over because it’s true! Content must be relevant, applicable, and interesting to your target audience. Eye-catching content means the difference of attracting and maintaining customers versus losing them to your competitors.

4. Dead Links

A critical mistake is failure to vet and manage links. Links should be managed on a weekly basis to ensure none of them are broken. Broken links are extremely frustrating to site visitors and may lead them elsewhere.

5. Simplicity

The simplicity of your web design goes a long way to attracting and keeping your customers. Cluttered designs with multiple fonts and colors can be off-putting, overwhelming, and distracting. Your design should be attractive and easy to read and make your viewers come back for more.


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