5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today, web hosting can seem like a commodity in which you can make your choice based on the amount of disk space and bandwidth you desire for your business.

Conversely, the idea of web hosting as a commodity is the wrong perception because web hosting incorporates some dynamism for delivering high quality and uninterrupted service. While you might want to choose a low-cost host, as a rational choice, it could cause more economic harm to your business than good. NFinity Web Solutions can help with making the right choice for your business and getting you on board.

The following are factors you should consider to determine how helpful your web hosting is:

  1. Your Website Load Times

The speed at which your website loads is called the load speed and you can measure this from many sites. This factor is important particularly to offer the best user experience to your customers. One thing mobile users desire is fast websites and NFinity Web Solutions provides you an affordable way of speeding up your website.

  1. Noisy Neighbors

If you are receiving the required disk space and bandwidth for just a few bucks a month,  you can be sure you have neighbors on that server and really, this can be a problem because these “noisy neighbors” are probably causing some detrimental impact to the performance of the server.

  1. Reputation of the IP

In case the server hosting your business or website is detected sending spam or other malware, there are chances that the IP address gets blacklisted. You do not want that to happen as several things are hampered in the process, ranging from email delivery to the ranking of your search. There are several different software you can use to check up on your server’s IP reputation so you know if it gets blacklisted.

  1. Sluggish Performance During Peaks

You might start to notice some sluggish performance at peak times or other busy periods if you share a server and have an active e-commerce website. Hence, your RAM could just run out of juice because a shared hosting has the purpose of meeting the majority’s needs. For a small fee, you can bid these performance-related concerns goodbye.

  1. Permission of non-standard software

You might want to run versions of software that are not supported on a hosting service that shares with your business. For example, you may install Apache instead of LiteSpeed and that does not necessarily mean slower options are all disadvantaged. It is just that running some exotic tools may not be the best for you on a shared hosting environment or platform.

Generally, web hosting solution as delivered by NFinity Web Solutions is not a commodity like fuel or electricity, hence you definitely have to make the right and informed choice with us for your web hosting service.


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