5 Web Design Characteristics that Influence Success

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Believe it or not, there are characteristics of your website’s design that are influencing its success this very moment. Continue reading to make sure you are exceeding expectations in these areas.

1. High-Quality Content

Good web design without high-quality content is just that, the bones of a website without anything to hold it together. Content should be creative, substantial, and build trust among your viewers. Creating that sense of trust and confidence in your viewers will aid in converting them into customers. Providing reviews on your website is a great way to build trust and confidence in your viewers.

2. Keep it Simple

Cluttered, distracting websites are sure to lead your viewers elsewhere. Your website should be simple and easy to use. Include your most important and valued elements to your viewers like products, services, reviews, and contact information. In the simplicity of your design, make any contact information or call-to-action buttons stand out making it easy for viewers to find them.

3. Quick Load Time

There’s no doubt we’ve all been spoiled with fast websites that when we reach a website that takes only a few seconds too long, we’re already closing that page and looking for the next. Don’t fall victim to slow loading times as this is sure to drive away your viewers and lower your Google ranking.

4. Keep up with the Trends

While there’s no proven connection between an attractive design and converting viewers into customers, it is likely that a good design will build a viewer’s sense of trust in your business. In maintaining your attractive design, make sure it keeps up with the trends of design. In other words, make sure your website design doesn’t look dated.

5. Unique and Memorable Design

Chances are there are more than a handful of other companies that are offering the same products and services as you. In the realm of determining what makes you stand out from your competitors, don’t forget to include your website design. If your website isn’t made to be unique and memorable by using color, illustrations, and consistency, you’re highly likely to blend right in with the rest making it difficult for viewers to remember who you are.

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