6 Reasons to Put Facebook First in Digital Marketing

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Much as having a million dollar business idea is awesome, executing it with the aid of a robust marketing plan can boost its publicity and turnovers. Marketing, the art vehemently promoting a product or service has been evolving and the latest hit is Facebook marketing. And the sheer amount of money often bestowed to digital marketing nowadays by blue-chip corporations say it all.

If you’re planning to kick-start the digital marketing campaign for your startup in 2018, just spend some time and come up with a realistic marketing strategy. More specifically, your focus should be on Facebook marketing given that it’s the most vouched for amongst all the many digital marketing channels.

1.     Facebook advertising = a hub for custom-targeted audience

Given that successful digital marketing campaigns nowadays are built around a particular audience, Facebook is just the right one for your kind of audience. The Facebook Custom Audience Tool works like a charm, enabling marketers to upload contact details of their preferred targets for a near-perfect delivery of ads. At the moment, there’s no other online marketing channel with the precision of Facebook and the main difference is this factor.

To better understand this, let’s take the case of Donald Trump and the much-hyped election which he won. After spending $150 million on Facebook and Instagram advertisements discouraging voters from backing his nemesis, the team delivered the victory. However, the team only managed to ensure the success of this method using Project Alamo, a database that had identity profiles of 220 million people.

2.     Facebook advertising = maximum visibility with near-zero costs

Even when Facebook currently boasts a whopping 1.79 billion active users every month, it’s incredible that prices on ads are lower than on Google. Facebook is the single largest social website, and if numbers mean a lot to you, then it is the right place to advertise at.

3.     Facebook = technically a site to develop your PR

Facebook can primarily serve as great Public Relations managing site. Through the Brand Awareness ads that use a blend of real-time proxy metrics with attention and reach, business benefits in huge facets. However, it’s crucial to start the campaign early enough so that you build the base soon enough.

4.     Facebook Live can give you a huge competitive edge

Video is the best initiator of customer engagement, and when it’s a live video chat, the results can be astounding. Facebook Live can be that secret bazooka to use and destroy your competition since use can utilize it to:

  •         Give your business’ followers a behind-the-curtains look of the market.
  •         Offer sneak previews and teasers for upcoming products or services.
  •         Promote events.
  •         Hold a quick Q&A session in real-time.

5.     Facebook is future-oriented – hint: Chatbots

When Zuckerberg unleashed the 10-year roadmap, many businesses chose Facebook Messenger as a convenient tool for engagement with customers. Shopify is one of them, and as the list keeps growing, you also need to. Chatbots are slowly becoming a necessity as they create structured messages, images, links and CTA buttons intuitively.

6.     Facebook – Quick Feedbacks

Your clients will prefer to DM your company’s Facebook page when they have a burning issue, rather than calling or sending emails. Replying to Comments also helps draw more customers to your business.

The bottom-line is, while Facebook is growing every day, you’ve got no reason to be part of this revolution. If you’d like to give it a go, just check out what Nfinity Web Solutions has in store!


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