7 Ways All Businesses Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mobile apps in the business world are no longer a novelty given the sheer number of enterprises with their own. From big name brands in commercial, financial and service sectors to startups, the craze is spreading like bushfire. It’s awesome to see the small and midsize businesses accepting this trend and developing dedicated mobile apps with all the features of a great app.

If you’re thinking about designing a mobile app for your budding business as well, you should feel motivated even more given the following benefits your business will undoubtedly enjoy. More importantly, you can give Nfinity Web Solutions a shot – they certainly don’t disappoint.

1.     Mobile App makes you visible all the time

Statistically, an average American spends over two hours a day browsing over a mobile device. During the two hours, the user will probably use a few apps. However, that doesn’t mean yours will only be there with no importance. By the customer having your app on their device, you will be visible in their eyes throughout.

2.     Mobile App can create a Direct Marketing Channel

As well as containing general info, prices, product features, user accounts, massagers, news feed and more, the app provides regular information on special offers, sale promos, etc. With push notifications, you will be smoothly reaching out to them.

3.     It provides value

Instead of investing in an expensive marketing campaign, you can channel those funds into a loyalty program and use the app to market it. Customers will download your app and use it so that they get as many reward points as possible. And this will mean more return customers!

4.     A mobile app equals building a brand and recognition

It’s natural for your brand and attention to increase after you release a mobile app. As an excellent brand marketer, your app acts as a billboard sign, albeit in each user’s mobile device. But the best thing about this “portable” billboard is how you are free to make it stylish, functional and informative – well branded, but incredibly designed.

Also, as your app gets more reviews and downloads, the larger the recognition it amasses. And this ends up supercharging your turnovers.

5.     Fortifies Customer Engagement

Regardless of the nature of your business, having a mobile app will mean your customers get to reach you in a secure, seamless way. If it has a messaging or helps desk feature, customers will prefer to reach you via the app rather than calling, and this will have increased the use of your app.

6.     A mobile app gives you’re a competitive edge

Many businesses are yet to accept mobile apps as a core facet of their businesses. Having one, therefore, will mean you will be head and shoulders ahead of them and even their customers will get to download your app and be yours too.

7.     If you would like to cultivate customer loyalty

If you don’t think it isn’t worth a mobile app and all the aforementioned benefits are just a ploy, rest assured this last one is automatic. An app is the simplest way of earning their trust amongst your current as well as your potential customers. It creates a genuine and sincere connection, making them stick to your brand since you’ll always be a “fingertip” away.

Mobile apps seem to be the way to go in the future, no doubt. Before it becomes a standard of any business, you can be the proverbial “early bird” and set the right foundation before anyone else does.


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