Balancing SEO with User Experience in Your Web Design

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

When a creator sits down to design a website, such a person is expected to tilt the scale to either focus on what Google advocates for – user experience, or just SEO. Designers of the past decade knew nothing about user experience and would maximize SEO, a strategy that worked back then.

Today, the narrative is different, and user experience reigns supreme. SEO optimization is still vital, but comes second. But search Engine Optimization is still a novelty to many. You can find a page that is a bit too optimized – filled with too many keywords, hyperlinks and vast amounts of texts that don’t make sense. Even if they may not be necessarily spammy, the site could be pathetic!

This leads us to what many savvy designers and SEO gurus are trying to understand – balancing SEO with the user experience. Nowadays, the design is drifting towards minimalism in each sense of it. Few words, few images and videos, few keywords and few everything, is the norm, a little like how Nfinity Web Solutions website appears.

If you are creating a website, and you need to draw the line between UX and SEO, consider the following.

Decide on your core goal

SEO is excelling because it is flexible. Each page ranks for its factor, and some pages will not rank for anything, which is perfectly acceptable. However, while designing each of these pages, spend a moment to weigh its utility before you hit the “Publish” tab. Just ask yourself the essence of the page and if it genuinely needs to be there.

A landing page, can be excellent if incorporated into a paid advertising campaign and thus when designing it, consider user experience (UX) a lot more than the keywords. That way, the page will serve its purpose of appealing to users and directing them to a valuable space. Consequently, when the page’s purpose is to rank organically on SERPs, of course, it would be reasonable to think about all-things SEO, including keyword usage.

While doing it, however, try to maintain awesome user experience like that of Nfinity Web Solutions.

Know how much is too much

A sleek and beautiful page with no substantial information belongs to a trash bin. Usually, SEO oriented pages aren’t overwhelmed with too much information. Therefore, to set the point clear, know when i is “too much” by testing different page designs. The real answer to everything including bounce-rate, click-through and how relevant users will find your site is by experimentation.

Discover the way to win

It is incredibly hard to discover the right balance between user experience and SEO, but it is possible. First, let the user experience come first by asking yourself what the user could be looking for when landing on the page. It could be to find an answer to an issue, buy from you, be inspired, get your contacts, etc. Once you have the right intentions in mind, incorporating SEO will be very easy.


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