DIY SEO: How to Make it Effective and Sufficient on a Tight Budget

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When trying to grow your business on a small budget, many get stuck on how to do SEO when they simply can’t afford paying someone to do SEO for them.

At Nfinity Web Solutions, we see many people who have good websites but with a touch of optimization, could be a very successful marketing tool. However, we also know that many people simply lack the budget needed to invest in SEO.

How, then, can you keep costs down? We have some ideas for you below. Each offers a budget-friendly way to help optimize and improve the general quality of your website.

SEO Tactics for Businesses on a Budget

  • Go for long-tail keywords. The first and more pertinent budget-friendly SEO tool is to build content around long-tail keywords. This is a keyword that is more so a phrase than it is a basic single word. For example, if you were a dentist in Mesa, Arizona, instead of using a basic keyword like “dentist” your SEO efforts will be more beneficial if you used something like, “Mesa Arizona Dentist” or if you’re an endodontist, you might want to use something like, “root canals in Mesa Arizona”. The more specific you can be in your keyword phrases, the more easily someone will be able to find your business when searching online.
  • Use keywords intelligently. It’s not just about the use of keywords, but the smart use of keywords. By this, we mean spending more time using those long-tail keywords in the right way. From using it on page titles and URLs without overdoing it or forcing it is a good starting point. Try using them in header tags on-site, too, breaking up content with relevant tags that openly explain what the next section is going to discuss while incorporating the keywords.
  • Using GMB. Google My Business (GMB) is among the most powerful tools that you use. It’s a very useful way to help improve your Google ranking, as Google now actively takes GMB into account for your search ranking. It’s very easy to set up and manage, and you can find that you can easily categorize your business to avoid missing out on ranking points. Fill in every field, add images and key details, and you will find that it does a lot for your long-term search engine rankings.
  • Develop a fresh perspective. A cheap way to help boost your SEO is to make fresh, unique content. The easiest way to keep it unique is through informative content, stories, opinion pieces and the like. Publish content and publish it regularly. The more often you add new content to the site, the more likely it is to be re-searched by the search engine crawlers. This leads to more impressive responses from the search engine. If you are passionate and interested in the industry you work in (you should be), writing good content shouldn’t be too tough.
  • Add references. Another key part to boosting SEO is to back up what you are saying. From using business directories to get you more links back to your own site to using social media, you can easily get a lot of positive traffic coming back to you. Add in some guest posting for popular industry blogs and you can easily boost your link building and make your SEO efforts a long-term success.

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