Don’t Miss the Boat: Digital Advertising Trends in 2018

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It’s critical to the success of your business to stay ahead of 2018’s best digital advertising trends or you risk falling quickly behind. These trends are sure to carry us into 2019.

Digital advertising is the use of technology to market your products to your customers. Specifically, through digital media, mobile phones, and the internet. Not to be confused with advertising via TV commercials or radio ads.


What is a digital ad without diversity? In today’s world, diversity is a hot topic and can be used to bring people together and feel connected to your brand. Digital ads connect deeper to customers when they bring diversity to the forefront. Not only diversity in the way we look, but the way we act and think as well.


Gone are the days of using old advertising and sales pitches. Consumers are unlikely to fall for them. It’s time to get creative! Create ads that allow customers to learn and know your brand, so they feel connected and feel loyal to it. You might even consider creating an ad that very minimally mentions or shows your product. If you use people in your advertising, use regular every-day people your customers can relate to.


Augmented reality allows companies to use something that already exists but use it in a way for customers to see for themselves how certain products will look and fit into their lives and homes. Furniture and design brands are using augmented reality to do just that.


Native advertising meets the need of being subtle, yet informative. Native ads are paid for by a company but placed into a digital content stream like websites and social feeds so the content fits in seamlessly and feels natural. 25% more users read native ads than they do traditional ad banners and 97% of mobile media buyers reported that native ads helped them achieve their brand goals. Those two reasons alone are reason enough to use native ads.


Based on Cisco studies, it’s anticipated that by 2019, 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be video based. So don’t hesitate to incorporate various forms of videos when advertising your business. You’re better off getting started in the trend now!

Get ahead of these trends now and perfect them to make the most of your digital advertising.



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