Every SEO Expert is Proficient in These 7 Skills

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The world is gradually becoming digital with everything sourced straight from the web, and many businesses will understandably need someone who knows SEO.

But that means more people will be trying to make a career out of SEO, thereby becoming a competition for established professionals.

If you would like to advance your expertise in SEO, it would be smart also to consider polishing your skills as a way of making yourself an all-rounder. Having a firm grasp of some skills will make you the team leader whose word is final. Here are the best skills you most probably need right now to improve your SEO.

  •    Analysis

As the first and most critical skill, analysis is a vague concept you will need in multiple areas of SEO. Being analytical would mean you can accept data on “who, what, where and when” and discern the “how” and “why” of every project. Looking at a report on organic traffic, for example, you will need to analyze what caused the ranking drops, track down the causes and crunch data on which keywords are the best.

  •    Research

It is the second most important skill for a reason. As an SEO expert, most of your work will involve research on keywords, competitor analysis, insights, and analytics. You will need to create a campaign that’s sure to succeed, not a gamble. Also, being excellent in research would mean you are abreast with what’s happening in the technology world so that you apply the latest tactics.

  •    Coding – the basics

It isn’t necessarily true that all award-winning SEO specialists are proficient in programming. Most of the CMS systems today have a simple, built-in SEO functionality that needs no form of coding. But when push comes to shove, you may need to apply some coding basics, maybe using the source code of a given website to determine the campaign features from the competitor’s site.

  •    Humility

After a few years as a professional SEO expert, you might think that you’ve mastered everything about this field. However, this niche is filled with surprises, and you might find today’s best tactic becoming useless next year. So, be humble and willing to learn, keep your eyes and ears open and never stop learning.

  •    Communication

Communication is as important in an SEO environment as the beauty of creating and executing a successful campaign. The team must be updated about what needs to be done, when and where. They will also need explanations and answers to questions they could be having. All these, without a doubt, can’t be possible if your communication skills are below par.

  •    Aggressiveness to learning new concepts

How fast you can understand new strategies and tactics can have a huge impact on how soon you will be a pro. That’s why it is practically essential to be a fast-learner and be able to grasp different skills needed in the industry.

  •    Tenancy

It is a mannerism that will place you at the focal point in SEO. When your tactics go wrong and bear no fruits, criticism, and misunderstandings automatically follow. However, tenancy is a trait that will ensure you don’t succumb to the pressure and low moments, but instead thrive on them.

It is not late to start working on yourself, and these foundational skills will act as a roadmap to a better future. You can start by improving one after another until you are adequately suited for the job. But remember, there’s no end to be being a student – don’t quit, don’t settle!


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