How to Design Your Website to Drive Sales

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Though many businesses have websites for different uses, the main essence of having one is to either buy a product or service or contact your company. It is what’s known as Conversion and, thus the website acts as the agent or conduit of the whole conversion while the visitor ends up as the customer.

The conversion only becomes a success, therefore, when the traffic is funneled and convinced to trigger the CTA tab. The traffic earned by professionally created websites like those offered by Nfinity Web Solutions is easy to harness. But others simply yield nothing!

Sometimes, the website registers tons of traffic, yet shockingly yields few conversions!

A plethora of factors contribute such an instance albeit the website’s design can be a huge cause of it. The design dramatically adds the length of time a visitor spends on the site. On average, a customer spends roughly 90 seconds going through a website’s products; others less than a second.

It all boils down to the design, though most first-time visitors are just window-shoppers, doing their investigations and comparisons. If you would like to tweak your site and ensure it converts more, please do the following:

1.     Change its Color

It is indisputable that color has a significant impact on the number of conversions. Altering the color of the call-to-action button (CTA) can have a dramatic effect. Before you change it, however, do focus on who its audience is. Women love blue, purple or green while men prefer blue, green and black.

2.     Include a Video

Videos naturally increase sales and conversions, though the magnitude varies. If yours is a B2B or service-based company, you can create a video that details its story.

3.     Insist on its Ease of Use or user-friendliness

You must ensure the website has the most critical information strategically at the “above the fold.” This is great because it eliminates the hassle of scrolling down and ensures the most vital information is captured.

4.     Have a clear UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

It is that first, second or subsequent problem that makes the site non-converting. You must, therefore, ensure its UVP is obvious.

5.     Include Trust Symbols

If you’ve trust badges or security seal from authority sites like Yelp, PayPal or any other certification logo, be sure to explicitly display it. Testimonials are perfect too.

6.     Free Offers

If your site has freebies or incentives to offer, be sure to keep the word “FREE” at a position that can be seen by all. Also, use the website to explain precisely why it is free and any other vital information about it.

7.     Include Short Forms at the Contact Us page

Due to unclear reasons, some customers might feel uncomfortable giving out their city, state or phone numbers and will be willing only to leave their emails. At such instances, include a Short Form where the visitor will leave their name, email address and message. A captcha test might not be necessary if spam isn’t a big issue.

8.     Install Virtual Chat

If you would like to offer quick online chats and save them the hassle of calling or emailing you, just include a Virtual Chat within site. Even when you’ll be offline, having one will give them the convenience of contacting you.

9.       Headlines

Always keep headlines bold and visible with a concise and captivating message.

10.   White spaces

White spaces can be just as relevant as the content on the page. Don’t allow your site to look cluttered, ugly and unprofessional because it will turn away leads.


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