How to Stay Ahead in Your Digital Marketing Endeavors

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Marketing has never stopped moving, both in how it is done and executed and the mode in which marketers employ.

Days of TVs, radio and billboard commercials dominating the scene are long gone, replaced with the internet and social media platforms. Today, digital advertising is the in-thing with digital marketers jostling to have a share of the revolution and the perks that come with it.

Digital marketers aren’t unique and special types of people. You are also a digital marketer if you often post photos and adverts of your wares via social media. The scope of it is so enormous that it can accommodate all of us!

But in the midst of the vast space that is digital marketing, losers and winners will always be there. Individuals and businesses whose understanding of the swiftness of the marketing trends is above par typically work on their marketing tactics ahead of time. They go against the tide and away from the conventional, going to as far as following Asif Razzaq’s suggestions that email marketing is better than social media.

If you would like to see your business grow, adopt any hacks and tricks used by any significant profit-making marketers. Today, the few exciting marketing developments that are certain to break the ceiling in 2018 include:


It is an open secret that desktop’s relevance will soon be a thing of the past. Their dominance will continue going down as that of mobile devices keep scaling up the market share, particularly in advert reachability, customer engagement and conversion rates.

Research by Statcounter states that smartphone usage currently is at 50.87%, up from 2012’s 8.49%, which merely supports the idea of mobile dominating the scene. On the contrary, the slump in the use of desktops will keep on.

Away from this statistics, mobile phones are expected to be every marketer’s arsenal, irrespective of the industry, business or product and mobile advertising will be worth $107 billion soon, according to Zenith. Google seemingly supports the resurgence of mobile too, especially if you consider the impact of a mobile-first algorithm and mobile content-indexing.

Location-Based Advertising

Another step away from the conventional styles of marketing is geo-targeting marketing, and it will be quite commonplace in the future. Location-based advertising isn’t just effective in generating leads; it costs less to start and run since the target area is small. By 2021, location-based adverts will amount to over $32.4 billion.

Video Advertising

They say a single picture is worth a thousand words, but as it turns out, Forrester research expects a minute-long video to be worth about 1.8 million words. Video marketing is expected to take over digital advertising in the future. Currently, video content is the most preferred way of earning traffic and engagements, getting leads and boosting conversions.

Videos are easy to share and can go viral pretty quickly. That translates to more engagement since video actually demands participation. In this year, therefore, let your business concentrate on creating memorable video content for its website, landing pages, ads, etc. Remember, video is the best marketing tool today, and it’s used by 63% of businesses, according to Wyzowl report.

One-size-fits-all will be obsolete

Segregate your audience according to their respective demographics when rolling out a marketing campaign and you will not go wrong. As much as 78% of consumers prefer to respond to a brand whose content is personalized to suit their needs.


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