Is My Site Due for a Redesign? Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

If you’re feeling like it might be time to update and redesign your website, you’re probably right. But here’s 7 questions you can ask yourself to make sure it’s the right time.

1. Is my bounce rate high?

A bounce rate is a measurement of how many users landed on your website, but left before ever clicking on another page. So they came, looked quickly, and left. If you’re struggling with conversion rates, this must be resolved!

2. What is my site’s load time?

A startling 40% of customers will abandon a website if its load time is longer than 3 seconds. 3 seconds doesn’t seem long, but it is long in the world of consumerism. Consumers want to immediately get to where they’re going and if your site is slow, they’re quick to move on to the next.

3. Is my site mobile friendly?

Almost 50% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Many consumers conduct research and transactions directly from their phones. Within seconds of a consumer going to your site, if it is not mobile friendly, they will leave your site and move on to your competitor. It is not worth risking a great loss of potential consumers.

4. Do my competitors have newer websites?

With easy web access in the palm of their hands, many consumers spend time researching companies and picking out what they need before ever making a purchase or stepping foot in a store front. Therefore, if your competitors have better, newer websites than yours, those consumers are likely to give their business to them. Don’t lag your competitors simply because your site isn’t updated!

5. Does my site offer a valuable user experience?

Content is key! Consumers want valuable and meaningful content that is applicable to them! Don’t just add fluff to your site to fill space. Consumers will easily see through this and ditch your site for your competitors. Focus on developing content specific for your target audience and it will pay off!

6. Is my web platform easy to manage?

If it difficult to make updates, revisions, or other changes to your website, it might be time to get a new web platform with your redesign. Changes, updates, and revisions should be simple and you should be able to make them yourself without having to get a third party involved!

7. Is my site more than 5 years old?

Sometimes, it seems the only consistent thing is change. Because technology capability, design, and functions change frequently, chances are, if your site is 5 years old without any updates or refreshing, your site is extremely outdated.

Hopefully answering these questions have helped you identify if your website needs to be redesigned and critical pain points that need to be resolved when developing and designing your new website.




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