Keep Your Website Current with These Design Trends in 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

For any business owner, having a quality website that follows modern design trends is very important.

Your website has to maintain some form of visual independence or it can be hard to put your platform together in the right way.

In a bid to help you out with that, we recommend that you take a look at this simple and easy to follow guide to keeping your website current. While working with Nfinity Web Solutions ensures you can stay modern and topical, these simple design trends should be an aim for your business in 2018.

  •         High Quality Imagery.

As websites scale back to create a more minimalist looking website, designers are being more open minded about the imagery they are using. Many are going for a bold website that’s minimal on website detail but high on using imagery to help sell the point. With large fonts, more vibrant color schemes and an online interface which is instantly easy to use, the aim is to keep using imagery to make high quality content come to life in a way that it simply did not in the past.

  •         Interactive Detail.

People, when using websites and apps today, want more interaction. Interaction more than anything else keeps the user engaged, so there should be a clear push in 2018 to help make your online experiences a little more welcoming and user-friendly. Hard to do? Of course. From polls and quizzes to little games and lots of mini-events, you can make your site stand out in some style with a more interactive, engaging and open-minded style that is sure to make the right impression.

  •         Animation.

Another key trend we have spotted is an increased use of animation within a website and app design. More illustration and animation will help to keep the people visiting your website engaged and thus can play a major role in helping to create a more optimistic and open-minded website. If your website is rather still at the moment, then adding a jolt of life via animation might be a good idea as 2018 rolls into view.

  •         Polished Finishes.

2017 was a year where a lot of people had a kind of ‘work in progress’ feel to their websites; 2018 is the year they should get round to finish that off. A more polished look on websites and web apps is becoming commonplace, and is something that you should absolutely look to make the most of as we move into 2018 and see a wholesale shift in the way that people look at website designs. The days of ‘in construction’ websites are dying out; we’re now entering an era of websites that look polished, clear and complete.

All of the above will play a big role in deciding how your website is going to be looked at, used and primarily judged. With Nfinity Web Solutions, you can make a big difference to how your website looks while making sure you can utilize and make use of all of the above tends to really stay in vogue and fashionable in the eyes of your customers.


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