SEO Tips for Dominating Online Search Results in 2018

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Search Engine Optimization, SEO rules are changing but not so much because the fundamentals are still intact.

The simple interpretation of this is that the system cannot be changed still, neither are you allowed to take shortcuts. To excel in the SEO game come 2018, you have to work. It is no gainsaying that understanding how search engine optimization works requires much effort and time. To top the chart of the game in 2018, much of your time and effort would be required to deliver real value. Basically, you must be able to relate to the rules that bind the subject.

No doubts, paid ads are amazing and contribute positively to your business goals but one of the fastest ways to make money online and showcase your business to the world and to engage customers better is by using Facebook, Google or YouTube ads, as well as building a sales funnel.

Yes, you can get these offers for free. That is what SEO is all about and can do for you in the years ahead- after which you can test-run things and later on use paid ads. There are certain rules you are expected to follow completely to crush the inherent competition and dominate the entire search engine results. What are these rules?

Just A Moment!

Search Engine Optimization, SEO has three pillars that all businesses and individuals should understand. Tracing the way back to the evolution of Google’s search algorithms, PageRank was the platform (original algorithm) upon which search engine was built. Basically, it scoured the web from one link to the other and ultimately realized the entire internet by spreading around the virtual web. Better put, the more links found by a specific page, the more important its attribute to the specific page- meaning, more links, more relevance, and in turn, higher rank. However, things have not been the same ever simply because today it is more than just links. You cannot just dabble in the technical details without understanding these three pillars that keep SEO on course. These pillars are Authority, Content and Indexed Age.

SEO Rules

Do you desire prominence in the SEO world in 2018? Are you interest in dominating the space even in years to come? Follow these:

  1. Carry out page speed assessment and improve accordingly

2. Serve your content quickly with a CDN and DNS

3. Ensure value-adding content by creating great content

4. Make sure your contents are mobile responsive and are usable over many devices

5. Concentrate on user-experience enhancement

6. Enhance your content with videos, audios or podcasts

7. Incorporate Latent-Semantic Indexing (LSI) for keyword diversity

8. In your content, put relevant outbound links

9. Rather than quantity, focus on quality of the links

10. Leverage trusted domains when you market your content

11. Use your ads efficiently rather than overuse

12. Be careful not to cut corners or sneak around

13. With clear calls-to-action, develop massive super-guides

14. Link your content back to your domain with the power of social media

15. Seek top niche players’ help to boost your results

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