Top 6 Web Design Trends for Small Business in 2018

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trends come and go and we are always on the never-ending quest for the coming year’s web design trends.

Continue reading to see some of this year’s hottest web design trends.

1. While grids were once a way to keep harmony and logic to our web layouts, broken grid layouts have now become a way to design more engaging layouts and they also offer more creativity. This isn’t to say we should bag grid layouts entirely, but broken grids allow images and text to drift into and across the page. Text and images don’t align perfectly, but this offers a beautiful page that is eye-catching.

2. Rather than letting text on the page do all the talking, bright and meaningful illustrations can be very powerful in bringing abstract concepts to life. Illustrations, if done right, is the initial hook to the customer, bringing them in to see more and learn more about your company. In addition, using an illustration can release the constraints and perception of who your customer might be. A photo of an actual person represents that one person as a user to your company and leaves all other customers unrepresented and possibly feeling unconnected to your brand.

3. Another trend rising to the surface of 2018 is a floating navigation. For years, navigation has remained fixed at the top of websites causing the user to need to scroll back to the top if they need to access the main site navigation. Now, websites are being designed with the navigation always at your fingertips creating a feeling of security and support to users.

4. Sometimes text just won’t do. It is simply not enough to convey a message or drive a point home. This is where video element is the perfect element for web design. Video remains high quality while other graphics cannot.

5. Variable font comes in as a big game player in the 2018 web design arena. There are hundreds of font options to choose from allowing anyone to use font as a creative and expressive element in designing their website. So what’s the big kicker with variable font you ask? Variable font is one single font file, but allows you to have tens of thousands of variations in that one single font. This is undoubtedly incredible!

6. Another design trend that is making waves in 2018 is gradients. Flat design has typically been a preferred design, but gradients are becoming more and more popular. Gradients add an element to design and images that cannot be found in flat design. It adds an intriguing element that catches viewers’ attention.

When designing your new website or renovating your existing website, make sure to include some of these hot trends which are sure to get customers looking your way!

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