Top Web Design Trends for Improving E-commerce in 2018

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The recent technological advancement has swept the memories of a lot of persons about the time when they used to buy things manually. In this age where the businesses are coming online, these individuals are so busy that they no longer visit the shops to buy whatever thing they need. For this reason, day-by-day, online shopping is increasing from e-commerce websites and there are quite a number of them on the internet space. There is a lot of competition in play and the ones with the most captivating content as well as an easy-to-navigate website are attracting more people. What this means is that you definitely have to maintain both a highly adaptable as well as responsive website for all. Not to worry, Nfinity Web solutions have your back.

To stay ahead in the competitive world, your business has to discover what is the latest in the market while you take advantage of such.

In 2018, Nfinity suggests you watch out for the following upcoming web design trends:

  1. Mobile e-commerce

The latest research has it that e-commerce is otherwise called mobile shopping. Compared to all other shopping done in other ways in times past, mobile shopping has broken all shopping records, increasing the sales of every available e-commerce business to a large extent. Moreover, the research stats infer that there is a rapid increase in mobile shopping because customers prefer searching for the things they intend buying on their phones rather than with or on laptops. Therefore, you might want to put this factor into consideration as this is the trend of things lately.

  1. Mobile payment method on the increase

For every lover of mobile online shopping, you obviously have to pay through your phone thus, you want a payment without hitch via the available payment gateways. Therefore, a smooth payment gateway should be offered by the website owners to make every customer a repeat buyer. However, the creation of a mobile-friendly e-commerce is not the only way to attract the users. You should take care of your payment gateway feature of course.

3. Increase in efficient loading and payout.

A majority of individuals will have mobile data concerns and since these service providers are becoming somewhat generous with their packages, the e-commerce website development company has to put this concern into consideration so a bulk of the data is not wasted in loading the website alone.

  1. Hamburgers on left to become more trendy

In the future, hamburger menus are expected to continue trending. the hamburger menus are developed with the use of the bootstrap framework and this pattern is what designers are following globally. There will be slight changes in the hamburger menu, come 2018.

  1. More usage of bright colors

Using bright colors is one design trend that cannot be overemphasized especially as you anticipate the most explosion of this on the e-commerce website. Basically, the intention is to capture the users’ attention via the demographics done.

  1. Others are: motion animation, expectation of voice search and fast delivery with free shipping

As a website owner, you have to keep in touch with the upcoming trends while you innovate your website accordingly. Nfinity is here to help you stay up-to-date and remain relevant in the industry with e-commerce development.


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