Typography and Why It is Important in Your Design

Friday, December 22, 2017

Typography carries the largest share in website design. When people visit your website, they want to read the text to get some information about your company. Hence, little relevance cannot be attached to the matter of a website and its design or content, making your content organization a very important subject equally.

Nfinity Web solutions can guide you through the process to engage as many consumers as possible via your website by making sure the exact intent of the business is conveyed. This is achievable through the typeface because typography is both a personal and relative matter that can as well be used to extend your brand. Therefore, you have to pick the most appropriate typeface for the industry your business represents as well as the one which gives your branding and images the necessary compliments. Through and across a website, typography is consistent, creaming your website with some aesthetics while it also enhances the attractiveness of the content all for the purpose of keeping a positive user experience.

The following are some tips by which you can make the most of typography on your website:

  1. It’s all about context

Basically, there are certain typefaces that are more appropriate for different industries, brands, and purposes. For instance, a law firm cannot use the same font as a Hair Care product manufacturer. A simple font is the most appropriate option even though at times, you might want to incorporate some decorative fonts to draw more interests. Before you decide on what typography style you will adopt, it is essential that you consider the messages you intend conveying first.

  1. Limit your typefaces

When you have too many fonts on a website, you are confusing your visitors and prompting a lot of disorganization. This has the tendency to distract them after all. Nfinity Web Solutions would recommend the use of 2 to 4 typefaces in your website design and consistently, you can promote a great deal of professionalism with your business.

  1. Alignment is an essential

Text alignment helps to compliment both the structure of your content as well as its flow. You can tell how the reader reads your webpage with a proper alignment as this serves as a guide to them.

  1. Text size is important

You can ensure the best user experience with the size of the words on your page. Because people are viewing at some inches away from their screens, you have to consider that factor in the process of designing your website. This means you should maintain large-enough and legible texts that are well spaced.

5. Change weight

You can enhance users’ readability by changing the weight of the texts you have chosen to highlight certain keywords on your webpage. With this, you will draw more attention to the significant points rather than adopting many fonts. By changing weight, your webpage even looks a lot cleaner and organized on the screen

6. Try different browsers

There are many web safe fonts offered by Google and they can be downloaded for free. Meanwhile, you have to be aware that these fonts do not display the same way on all browsers. Hence, you might want to try as many browsers as possible before making a final decision.


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