Website User Experience: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

For any business owner, one of the single most important features that you can have is a powerful, active and engaging website user experience.

A good website user experience is hard to find most of the time, and that’s because most sites repeat the same mistakes. While being inspired by a major competitor isn’t a bad thing, you might find that being too similar to them means taking on the same user experience problems that they suffer from.

So, what are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when developing your new and improved website user experience? What matters?

  1.         Going down the desktop route. While it would be insulting to just ignore the power of desktop computing, the age of mobile is upon us. If you keep building your website based on a primarily desktop experience, then you can soon find that numbers dwindle and opportunities become more fallow.
  2.         Poor customer service. While you personally might hate those 24/7 live chat modules on most sites, they are a massive win with the customer. Sure, it might be annoying just now, but it’s not something you need to necessarily put up with. Improve customer service, and boost your customer retention.
  3.         Excessive content. Content is the King and likely always will be, as the likelihood of making reading extinct is a very distant possibility (thankfully). Still, you should look to use a fine blend of images, videos and text to help make sure that your site is as diverse as possible.
  4.         Poorly worded content. Another mistake is trying to mask your main aim as a business in flash wording and nonsense. Try and be bold – it’s actually more likely to help you stand out and be seen as a more active, refreshing choice of business to work with. Clarity is better than vague terms over your ‘vision’ and the like.
  5.         Poor opt-in. A massive mistake is not getting the customer involved; not showing them that the true art of success lies within your content. Make them want to get involved is very important. Avoid bombarding them with sign-up requests, but don’t be shy to ask, either.
  6.         Long-term errors. Now, you might not be a coding whizz. That means that you might leave that user experience problem that customers are all complaining about due to a lack of knowledge. While you shouldn’t try to fix what you don’t understand, you should hire someone who can fix it.
  7.         Constant change. One of the worst mistakes that you can make as a business is change for changes sake. Only change something when the analysis and the figures states that it should be changed; don’t change something for the sake of it or to experiment: work with what works change what is broken.

Using the above ideas, you should soon find it much easier to start making legitimate, lasting progress as a business. While it might prove to a massive challenge, it’s by far and away a challenge that your business can rise to meet!


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