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This test measures the speed between your computer and the Internet. It can help you determine if you should take steps to improve performance. Use a wired connection for the most accurate results, since results on Wi-Fi networks may not be as expected.

What is a speed test

A speed test checks the maximum speed of your connection to a remote server on the internet.

This test runs in your browser. It does a multiple stream download and upload to servers it determines may be closest to your location. The test should take no longer than one minute to complete. Speeds are quoted in megabits per second (1 million bits per second) or kilobits per second (1000 bits per second) of data.

The speed test attempts to take your network connection to its maximum speed. This can be limited by several factors including the distance to the test servers, the operating system in use, the traffic en-route, and of course any congestion or wiring problems close to your location.

The servers are dedicated to speed testing and monitored for performance. They are currently capable of running from 300 megabit for the smaller servers to over 2 gigabit for the faster servers. Generally the ultimate speed limit is not the server speed but the distance to the server. The closer to the server the higher speeds can be obtained by the client operating system.

Things that may affect your test results

Network congestion caused by watching videos, playing online games, browsing other websites, or having other browser tabs or programs open during the test. The processing speed of your device and the hardware it uses to connect to the Internet. The type of connection between your device and the Internet (e.g. WiFi, wired connection, cellphone network, etc.). Wireless speeds are typically slower than wired connections due to wireless hardware limitations. Technical limits on Ethernet ports.

What is a good ping

Ideal ping would be less than 1 millisecond. Since the laws of physics dictate that the speed of light in a vacuum is about 186 miles per millisecond, one can calculate the absolute minimum latency for any point to point link. Cellphone data and Satellite networks can have very high ping time, although 4G can be competitive with ADSL/Cable, ping on 3G and GPRS can be 500 milliseconds or more.

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