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WHOIS lookup

This tool will return WHOIS registration results for a DOMAIN name. Depending on the registrar, you can see various information like who it is registered to, when it was registered, when it expires, where the DNS is hosted and more.

How WHOIS lookup's are used

The WHOIS domain database is regularly used for various lawful purposes. Network administrators use WHOIS data to identify and fix problems. For instance: WHOIS information can be used to determine the availability of domain names, identify trademark infringement and keep domain name registrants accountable. WHOIS verification can even be utilized to combat spam or fraud, as administrators can track down registrants who post illegal content or participate in phishing scams. In addition, ICANN’s agreements protects domain registrants by prohibiting the use of WHOIS listings for marketing or spam purposes, including high-volume, automated queries against a specific registrar or registry’s systems (unless such queries are done with the intent to manage domain names).

How accurate are WHOIS data searches

Since registrants’ contact data can change, registrars, must provide annual opportunities for domain owners to review and edit their WHOIS domain data. According to ICANN’s rules, refusing to update this information, or providing false data, can lead to the suspension or cancellation of domains.

In addition, ICANN allows Internet users to file complaints if they discover WHOIS data that is incorrect or incomplete. In such instances, registrars must re-verify or correct the data in a timely manner. Through such verification protocol, ICANN seeks to maintain the highest possible level of accuracy.

What about my privacy

While ICANN’s agreements protect registrants from potential spam, many customers still express concern about their personal name, address, and phone number being so readily available online. For website owners who would prefer to keep such information private, most registrars offer domain privacy protection. Contact your registrar for further details.

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